Best pass so far 7.22 @ 182mph

Jeff Marsh on his low 7 second turbocharged dragbike.
     He can also be found on

Jeff's new 6.95 sec 200mph PRO MOD bike

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June 6th, 2010
Sept 11th, 2010

                                        Jeff Marsh
             has been participating in Drag Racing for many years.
He has been a proud sponsor of  NORTHWEST DRAGBIKE for the  past 5 Years and  has sponsored the High School Drags for just as many. He encourages young  racers and awards the winner of the High school drag series winner with a
              new transmission from Canby Transmission every year.

   If you would like more information about NORTHWEST DRAGBIKE or racing
                       schedules please follow the link below 


Scott(Jeff's brother), Jeff and Trevor (Jeff's step son)